Friday, July 26, 2013

Microsoft in the Window 8 Era

It's almost as if Microsoft is determined to confuse the consumer and alienate business customers.

I don't know how else to describe Windows 8.

With Windows 7 Microsoft had a hit on its hands. It had an updated user interface that had worked all the Vista bugs and didn't require more power than Vista did just to run. Most importantly, it had a user interface that Business had finally grown to accept.

Leaving the Playschool colors of XP behind had been a good thing. Windows 7 managed to look much more sophisticated than its predecessors. Windows 8 changed that.

Windows 8 is almost a different product. Something not intended for either of the core users of Windows 7, home users or business users.

It appears that Microsoft has still not learned from the past. Windows 8 is the same everywhere. Windows 8 is the same even when it's not the same OS! It's a compromise that has gone too far.

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